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IntroductionA capacitor is a passive two-terminal electronic component that stores electrical energy in an electric field.The effect of a capacitor is known as capacitance.Capacitor, a electronic component to hold charges, represented by the letter C. It composes of two metal electrodes between a la ...
IntroductionElectronic Basics #14: CapacitorsSolid-state capacitor is called solid-state aluminum electrolytic capacitor. The biggest difference between it and ordinary capacitors (i.e. liquid aluminum electrolytic capacitors) lies in the use of different dielectric materials. The dielectric materia ...
In autumn, an abundance of fallen leaves from deciduous phoenix trees are scattered around the streets in Northern China. These leaves are generally burned in the colder season, exacerbating the country's air pollution problem.Investigators in Shandong, China, recently discovered  ...
New Yorker Electronics has introduced a series ruggedised aluminium electrolytic capacitors with welded seals, the MLSG in both Flatpack and Slimpack. This series targets compact power supply applications in military and aerospace, as well as other critical systems.Design enhancements and an electro ...
TDK Corporation presents the LCap, a new film capacitor from EPCOS for motor applications. LCap combines an AC capacitor with a choke coil in a single case, cutting costs and halving assembly times. Savings also result from the fact that only two leads are now required instead of four as before. The ...
Industrial design researchers at Brunel University London have solved two of the major challenges which prevent everyday items of clothing being turned into power sources for smartphones, tablets and other personal tech.Technology to produce super capacitor thread capable of being made into cloth ha ...
Devices called ultracapacitors have recently become attractive forms of energy storage: They recharge in seconds, have very long lifespans, work with close to 100 percent efficiency, and are much lighter and less volatile than batteries. But they suffer from low energy-storage capacity and other dra ...
In order to develop ultra-miniaturised electronic components, ultra-miniaturised capacitors are required. The two-year EU-funded PICS project has developed tools that could soon lead to the mass production of high-density 3D integrated silicon capacitors, creating new opportunities for SMEs to  ...
Many buyers of passive components tend to think of these devices as very interchangeable or even “generic.” Unlike ICs, it’s relatively easy to find multiple manufacturers of components with roughly similar specs for most passives. However, there are often significant differences in how these device ...
Manufactured in the US by Arizona Capacitors, now part of Electro Technik Industries, the C50309 range of paper and polyester dielectric, oil-filled capacitors is designed for use in audio equipment such as pre-amplifiers, amplifiers and loudspeaker crossover networks.Using well proven, traditional  ...
Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. introduced five new series of aluminum capacitors with increased vibration capabilities over standard devices. Providing high stability and reliability in automotive and industrial applications, the Vishay BCcomponents surface-mount 260 CLA-V, 246 CTI-V, and 250 CRZ-V an ...
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