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On 2021-10-15  in potentiometer
The Best Guide to Potentiometer
CatalogⅠ What Is a Potentiometer?Ⅱ How Does a Potentiometer Work?Ⅲ Types of Potentiometers3.1 Manually adjustable potentiometers3.2 Digital potentiometersⅣ Basic Electrical Characteristics of PotentiometersⅤ Advantages and Disadvantages of Potentiometer5.1 Advantages of Digital Potentiometers5. ....
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On 2021-10-14  in Relays
How to Wire a Relay with Different Pin Diagrams?
IntroductionA Relay is an electrical control device. It makes the controlled quantity to undergo a predetermined step change in the electrical output circuit when the input quantity (excitation quantity) changes to the specified requirements. Electrical relay has an interactive relationship between  ....
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On 2021-10-13  in Capacitors
How a Capacitor Charged in a DC Circuit?
IntroductionCapacitors are now commonly used as decoupling capacitors, DC blocking capacitors, or as matching capacitors due to their characteristics of blocking DC while passing AC. But in practical applications, DC can charge the capacitor and pass through it. Is this contrary to its characteristi ....
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On 2021-10-12  in Resistors
Comparisons of Resistor in Series and in Parallel
  Catalog Ⅰ IntroductionⅡ Resistor network  in series vs in parallel2.1 Resistor in series2.2 Resistor in parallel Ⅲ Resistor Circuit in series vs in parallel3.1 Resistor Circuit in series3.2 Resistor Circuit in parallelⅣ Equation in Series and ParallelⅤ Examples5.1 Resistors in Ser ....
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