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MagnaChip New Technology: PMICs for UHD displays

MagnaChip has announced a new line of  PMICs by introducing its first UHD display panel PMIC for laptops.

The new PMIC is a monolithic IC which includes one boost regulator for the power supply to source and gate drivers, three high-current buck regulators for power supply to a timing controller, two Op-Amp for gamma buffer and one each positive and negative charge pumps.

This level of integration results in smaller and faster electronic circuits. Other features include fast transient response and enhanced circuit protection measures.

Therefore, the new PMIC can help address changes in current consumption and protects devices from damage with functions such as: over voltage protection, short circuit protection, under voltage lockout, over current detection, over current limit and thermal shutdown.

The chip also offers constant current mode and dynamic switching frequency, which gives product designers more flexibility in meeting specific requirements of application.

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