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Infineon Builds A Global Artificial Intelligence Center in Singapore

In response to the challenges posed by the Sino-US trade war and technological trends, Infineon of Germany has launched a series of actions, including investing S$27 million (approximately US$20.21 million) in the next three years to build the company's first global artificial intelligence (AI) center plays an important role in the global layout.


According to The Straits Times, Chua Chee Seong, president of Infineon Asia Pacific, pointed out that the AI Center project includes helping the company's more than 1,000 Singaporean employees to upgrade their AI skills, as well as launching about 25 AI projects covering the entire value chain by 2023.


Infineon currently has 2,200 employees in Singapore, and has invested approximately S$700 million in the past 10 years to make Singapore a major development base for smart factory solutions and a testing center for automotive microcontroller (MCU) components.


Chua Chee Seong said that Singapore was the first country where Infineon started the full-scale AI of all commercial and manufacturing operations in the world, and AI is the foundation of Infineon’s development over the next 50 years.


Infineon is embarking on a transformation drive to embrace AI as an emerging technology. (Photo courtesy of company)


Reinhard Ploss, CEO of Infineon, said that the Singapore government values AI technology and formulate the concept of Smart Nation strategy, which is consistent with Infineon's vision. Therefore, it has decided to locate the first global AI center in Singapore.


A few days ago Infineon announced its cooperation with Tribe, Singapore’s first government-supported blockchain accelerator. Infineon will provide years of expertise in hardware security solutions and help companies that need to apply blockchain technology to understand the competitive advantages of Infineon's security solution SECORA Blockchain.


According to UNTV News, Infineon’s SECORA Blockchain is a fast and easy-to-use Java Card solution that provides the highest level of security for the blockchain system, reduces the business risks of the most end-users, and helps improve the reliability of the blockchain system.


Goh Say Yeow, vice president of Infineon Asia Pacific, said that the application of blockchain is becoming more and more diversified, and it has long surpassed the field of financial technology (FinTech). Platforms including logistics, brand maintenance, online shopping and games all use blockchain to enhance security.


The OpenNodes project launched by Tribe will become a channel for startups to access the blockchain ecosystem, and Infineon will explore blockchain business opportunities with all participants in this ecosystem.


Infineon’s main product is power management solutions, so it has a close relationship with China’s extensive industrial development. Although Infineon is a supplier of Huawei, it focuses on power management chips, so it is relatively unaffected by the geopolitical tensions between the United States and China.


Ploss said that it is indeed facing fierce competition pressure from Chinese power management chip manufacturers; Infineon does not want to lose the existing market, so it must let it go, otherwise, it may end up being swallowed by market competition.

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