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The Beauty of 5G Lies in Innovative Applications

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5G is not just an innovation in technology, but a platform that makes other innovations possible. And we're just getting started...

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Hans Vestberg, CEO of U.S. telecom operator Verizon, delivered a keynote address at the annual International Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2021) that was accompanied by beautiful music, dazzling visuals, and "surprise special guests" from a variety of professional fields. The theme of his speech was, of course, 5G, but instead of elaborating on the latest technological advances and details thereof, his aim was to demonstrate to corporate and consumer customers that 5G technology will be the disruptor in the field of mobile communications.

The most interesting part of Vestberg's speech is his evaluation of some emerging 5G applications and other ongoing real-world deployments. This is an important and refreshing change since his last speech at CES, and it actually reflects the current state of 5G technology.

Particularly emphasized 5G applications and services include drone delivery, traffic management, entertainment, and enhancing the experience of fans watching large-scale football matches, or allowing people to more enjoy large-scale museum exhibitions. Among these new applications and services, some of Verizon is personally involved in the creation, some are promoting with partners, or playing the role of investor, so UPS, the Metropolitan Museum of New York, Live Nation Clubs and Theaters were also invited on the Vestberg podium. And representatives of the National Football League (NFL).

"5G is not just a technological innovation, but a platform that makes other innovations possible. And we are just getting started..." Vestberg also announced that Verizon plans to deploy 5G networks in 100 schools across the United States in the next few years. In the entertainment field, Vestberg invited the Grammy Award-nominated orchestra Black Pumas to come to the stage as one of the case studies of Verizon's cooperation with multiple Live Nations Clubs and Theaters performance venues to deploy 5G ultra-wideband networks. This allows performance venues to provide audiences with a novel and exciting live/virtual music and theater viewing experience.

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The first batch of performance venues to deploy 5G technology include the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles, the Fillmore Theater in Miami, the Masonic Theater in San Francisco, and the Irving Plaza in New York. More than a dozen performance venues will also join the ranks. Vestberg pointed out that the increase in speed and transmission capacity of 5G allows viewers to enjoy online streaming video and audio performances from cameras from different angles, as if they were sitting in the front row of a theater. The technology can also realize the development of new tools, control the flow of people and more on-site elements.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and star player/team manager Deion Sanders assisted Vestberg in explaining how Verizon will help 28 NFL stadiums install an immersive way of watching games. The "5G Super Stadium" app jointly developed by Verizon and the NFL allows fans to watch matches through 5G-enabled devices and choose 7 cameras from different angles to make them feel like they are on the court.

Under the slogan "Building the New Smart City", Verizon's commercial drone unit Skyward and UPS Flight Forward, the drone delivery unit of the logistics courier company UPS, have collaborated to demonstrate how they can test 5G Technology realizes the delivery of packages via drones.

The two companies have demonstrated the feasibility of providing similar services via 4G LTE networks last year. And they said that the low latency of 5G can significantly more reliably and efficiently realize traffic monitoring and cargo location. With the increasing use of unmanned aerial vehicles and ground vehicles for freight, 5G is indispensable. The two companies will use the retired silver-haired community of The Villages in Florida as a test site, giving priority to the delivery of healthcare products.

In addition, Vestberg also released an immersive virtual art and game experience called "The Met Unframed", and the service can also support 4G LTE devices. However, Verizon emphasized that 5G will be able to add additional dimensions and provide more advanced AR functions. Initially, the service will provide a five-week free experience, offering dozens of digitally presented art galleries, as well as approximately 50 collections of the Metropolitan Museum in New York. Verizon's 5G ultra-wideband service users can experience four AR-enhanced works through 5G devices.

In a press release issued by Verizon after Vestberg’s speech, the Metropolitan Museum’s curator Max Hollein pointed out that the museum’s philosophy for the past 150 years is to “connect art and thinking with the public, and promote the connection between people. In the past few years, In the months of isolation and uncertainty, we found that this is more powerful than ever...".

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