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Schneider Electric launches the first Anti-Viral Switches in India.

Schneider Electric, a global leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, today announced the launch of its Clipsal X product line, which includes self-disinfecting anti-viral and anti-bacterial switches. The switches meet international testing standards and are powered by Silver Ion technology, which can kill over 99.9% of germs and self-disinfect. These products, which are available in two variants, were designed and manufactured in India as part of Schneider Electric's commitment to creating an Atmanirbhar Bharat.

In our homes and workplaces, switches are the most touched and used appliances. As a result, they are prone to being a major breeding ground for all manner of viruses and germs. In today's world, proper sterilization and disinfection of our surroundings, including switches, is essential. This is where Schneider Electric's new line of anti-viral switches comes in.


These switches, created with cutting-edge technology, are intended to ensure the highest level of safety in our daily lives, and they complement Schneider Electric's existing portfolio of anti-bacterial switches. The Clipsal X range and its trendy dual-tone variants are technologically advanced and can perfectly complement the look of any home. When connected to any Smart Home solution, such as Wiser Smart Homes by Schneider Electric, they are also Smart – Ready and can be easily operated via mobile phones, Google Home, or Alexa.


Srinivas Shanbhogue, VP, Home and Distribution, Schneider Electric India, commented on the launch, saying, "The new Clipsal range of anti-viral and anti-bacterial switches are our latest innovation in the connected living device category." With their distinct combination of style, safety, and strength, these energy-efficient products not only add character and life to any space, but also prioritize user safety.'


The Clipsal X switches are the most stylish and vibrant switches on the market, capable of enhancing the style quotient of any space. They are made with a modern sloped plate design that allows them to blend in with the wall. True to their name, these sleek yet environmentally friendly switches will be an excellent addition to any home or workspace. They are made of flame-retardant and UV-stabilized material and are designed to last up to 1 million clicks. It comes with a large plate overhang to hide any flaws in the plastering or painting. Clipsal X switches have a glossy band that aids the user in cleaning the dust that has accumulated on the top of the plate.

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