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Kynix Part #:KY32-XPC7455RX1000PC
Manufacturer Part #:XPC7455RX1000PC
Product Category: IC Chips
Package: BGA
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The MPC860 Quad Integrated Communications Controller (PowerQUICC™) is a versatile one-chip integrated microprocessor and peripheral combination designed for a variety of controller applications. It particularly excels in both communications and networking systems. The PowerQUICC unit is referred to as the MPC860 in this manual.


The following list summarizes the key MPC860 features:
• Embedded single-issue, 32-bit MPC8xx core (implementing the PowerPC architecture) with thirty-two 32-bit general-purpose registers (GPRs)
— The core performs branch prediction with conditional prefetch, without conditional execution
— 4- or 8-Kbyte data cache and 4- or 16-Kbyte instruction cache (see Table 1)
– 16-Kbyte instruction caches are four-way, set-associative with 256 sets;
4-Kbyte instruction caches are two-way, set-associative with 128 sets.
– 8-Kbyte data caches are two-way, set-associative with 256 sets; 4-Kbyte data caches are two-way, set-associative with 128 sets.
– Cache coherency for both instruction and data caches is maintained on 128-bit (4-word) cache blocks.
– Caches are physically addressed, implement a least recently used (LRU) replacement algorithm, and are lockable on a cache block basis.
— Instruction and data caches are two-way, set-associative, physically addressed, LRU replacement, and lockable on-line granularity.
— MMUs with 32-entry TLB, fully associative instruction, and data TLBs
— MMUs support multiple page sizes of 4, 16, and 512 Kbytes, and 8 Mbytes; 16 virtual address spaces and 16 protection groups
— Advanced on-chip-emulation debug mode
• Up to 32-bit data bus (dynamic bus sizing for 8, 16, and 32 bits)
• 32 address lines
• Operates at up to 80 MHz
• Memory controller (eight banks)
— Contains complete dynamic RAM (DRAM) controller
— Each bank can be a chip select or RASto support a DRAM bank
— Up to 15 wait states programmable per memory bank
— Glueless interface to DRAM, SIMMS, SRAM, EPROM, Flash EPROM, and other memory devices.
— DRAM controller programmable to support most size and speed memory interfaces
— Four CASlines, four WElines, one OEline
— Boot chip-select available at reset (options for 8-, 16-, or 32-bit memory)
— Variable block sizes (32 Kbyte to 256 Mbyte)
— Selectable write protection
— On-chip bus arbitration logic
• General-purpose timers
— Four 16-bit timers or two 32-bit timers
— Gate mode can enable/disable counting
— Interrupt can be masked on reference match and event capture
• System integration unit (SIU)
— Bus monitor
— Software watchdog
— Periodic interrupt timer (PIT)
— Low-power stop mode
— Clock synthesizer
— Three parallel I/O registers with open-drain capability
• Four baud-rate generators (BRGs)
— Independent (can be connected to any SCC or SMC)
— Allow changes during operation
— Autobaud support option
• Four serial communications controllers (SCCs)
— Ethernet/IEEE 802.3 optional on SCC1–4, supporting full 10-Mbps operation (available only on specially programmed devices).
— HDLC/SDLC(all channels supported at 2 Mbps)
— HDLC bus (implements an HDLC-based local area network (LAN))
— Asynchronous HDLC to support PPP (point-to-point protocol)
— AppleTalk
— Universal asynchronous receiver transmitter (UART)
— Synchronous UART
— Serial infrared (IrDA)
— Binary synchronous communication (BISYNC)
— Totally transparent (bit streams)
— Totally transparent (frame based with optional cyclic redundancy check (CRC))
• Two SMCs (serial management channels)
— Transparent
— General circuit interface (GCI) controller
— Can be connected to the time-division multiplexed (TDM) channels
• One SPI (serial peripheral interface)
— Supports master and slave modes
— Supports multimaster operation on the same bus
• One I2C (inter-integrated circuit) port
— Supports master and slave modes
— Multiple-master environment support
• Time-slot assigner (TSA)
— Allows SCCs and SMCs to run in multiplexed and/or non-multiplexed operation
— Supports T1, CEPT, PCM highway, ISDN basic rate, ISDN primary rate, user defined
— 1- or 8-bit resolution
— Allows independent transmit and receive routing, frame synchronization, clocking
— Allows dynamic changes
— Can be internally connected to six serial channels (four SCCs and two SMCs)
• Parallel interface port (PIP)
— Centronics interface support
— Supports fast connection between compatible ports on the MPC860 or the MC68360
• PCMCIA interface
— Master (socket) interface, release 2.1 compliant
— Supports two independent PCMCIA sockets
— Eight memory or I/O windows supported
• Low power support
— Full on—all units fully powered
— Doze—core functional units disabled, except time base decrementer, PLL, memory controller, RTC, and CPM in low-power standby
— Sleep—all units disabled, except RTC and PIT, PLL active for fast wake up
— Deep sleep—all units disabled including PLL, except RTC and PIT
— Power down mode— all units powered down, except PLL, RTC, PIT, time base, and decrementer
• Debug interface
— Eight comparators: four operate on instruction address, two operate on data address, and two operate on data
— Supports conditions: =≠<>
— Each watchpoint can generate a break-point internally
• 3.3 V operation with 5-V TTL compatibility except EXTAL and EXTCLK
• 357-pin ball grid array (BGA) package


Attribute Attribute Value
Manufacturer: Motorola
Product Category: IC Chips

Alternate Names

MOT has several brands around the world that may alttemate names for XPC7455RX1000PC due to regional differences or acquisition.
XPC7455RX1000PC may also be known as the dollowing names:
  • MOT
  • MOTO
  • MTO
  • Motorola Incorporated
  • Motorola Semiconductor Products

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Part Number Mfr. Package Qty Description Details
Part Number:XPC7400RX500SK Mfr:Motorola Package:BGA Qty:104 Description:
Part Number:XPC7440(SICOH 1GHZ/ Mfr:MOT Package:BGA Qty:474 Description:
Part Number:XPC7455RX667QC Mfr:Motorola Package:O-NEW BGA Qty:466 Description:
Part Number:XPC740ARX200LE Mfr:MOT Package:BGA Qty:95 Description:
Part Number:XPC7450RX600LE Mfr:Motorola Package:BGA Qty:70 Description:
Part Number:XPC7455RX733LC Mfr:Freescale / NXP Package:BGA Qty:3796 Description:
Part Number:XPC740ARX233LE Mfr:MOT Package:BGA Qty:82 Description:
Part Number:XPC7450RX667LE Mfr:Motorola Package:BGA Qty:69 Description:
Part Number:XPC7455RX800LC Mfr:Motorola Package:BGA Qty:70 Description:
Part Number:XPC740ARX233LH Mfr:MOT Package:BGA Qty:76 Description:
Part Number:XPC7450RX733QE Mfr:MOT Package:BGA Qty:490 Description:
Part Number:XPC7455RX800WC Mfr:MOTO Package:BGA Qty:130 Description:
Part Number:XPC740ARX266LE Mfr:MOT Package:BGA Qty:69 Description:
Part Number:XPC7450RX800QER2 Mfr: Package:BGA Qty:615 Description:
Part Number:XPC7455RX867PC Mfr:MOT Package:BGA Qty:568 Description:

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