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Kynix Part #:KY32-S29GL128M10TFIR2
Manufacturer Part #:S29GL128M10TFIR2
Product Category: Memory Chips
Package: TSOP56
Quantity: 1200 PCS
Lead Free Status / RoHS Status: Lead free / RoHS Compliant
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Product Details

256 Megabit, 128 Megabit, 64 Megabit, and 32 Megabit, 3.0 Volt-only Page Mode Flash Memory featuring 0.23 µm MirrorBit Process Technology

General Description

The S29GL256/128/064/032M family of devices are 3.0 V single power Flash memory manufactured using 0.23 µm MirrorBit technology. The S29GL256M is a 256†Mbit, organized as 16,777,216 words or 33,554,432 bytes. The S29GL128M is a 128 Mbit, organized as 8,388,608 words or 16,777,216 bytes. The S29GL064M is a 64 Mbit, organized as 4,194,304 words or 8,388,608 bytes. The S29GL032M is a 32 Mbit, organized as 2,097,152 words or 4,194,304 bytes. Depending on the model number, the devices have an 8-bit wide data bus only, 16-bit wide data bus only, or a 16-bit wide data bus that can also function as an 8-bit wide data bus by using the BYTE# input. The devices can be programmed either in the host system or in standard EPROM programmers.

Distinctive Characteristics

Architectural Advantages
■ Single power supply operation
— 3 volt read, erase, and program operations
■ Manufactured on 0.23 µm MirrorBit process technology
■ Secured Silicon Sector region
— 128-word/256-byte sector for permanent, secure identification through an 8-word/16-byte random Electronic Serial Number, accessible through a command sequence
— May be programmed and locked at the factory or by the customer
■ Flexible sector architecture
— 256 Mb: 512 32-Kword (64 Kbyte) sectors
— 128 Mb: 256 32-Kword (64 Kbyte) sectors
— 64 Mb (uniform sector models): 128 32-Kword (64-Kbyte) sectors or 128 32 Kword sectors
— 64 Mb (boot sector models): 127 32-Kword (64-Kbyte) sectors + 8 4Kword (8Kbyte) boot sectors
— 32 Mb (uniform sector models): 64 32-Kword (64-Kbyte) sectors of 64 32-Kword sectors
— 32 Mb (boot sector models): 63 32-Kword (64 Kbyte) sectors + 8 4-Kword (8-Kbyte) boot sectors
■ Compatibility with JEDEC standards
— Provides pinout and software compatibility for single power supply flash, and superior inadvertent write protection
■ 100,000 erase cycles typical per sector
■ 20-year data retention typical

Performance Characteristics

■ High performance
— 90 ns access time (128 Mb, 64 Mb, 32 Mb), 100 ns access time (256 Mb)
— 4-word/8-byte page read buffer
— 25 ns page read times (128 Mb, 64 Mb, 32 Mb)
— 30 ns page read times (256 Mb)
— 16-word/32-byte write buffer
— 16-word/32-byte write buffer reduces overall programming time for multiple-word updates
■ Low power consumption (typical values at 3.0 V, 5 MHz)
— 18 mA typical active read current (64 Mb, 32 Mb)
— 25 mA typical active read current (256 Mb, 128 Mb)
— 50 mA typical erase/program current
— 1 µA typical standby mode current
■ Package options
— 40-pin TSOP
— 48-pin TSOP
— 56-pin TSOP
— 64-ball Fortified BGA
— 48-ball fine-pitch BGA
— 63-ball fine-pitch BGA

Software & Hardware Features

■ Software features
— Program Suspend & Resume: read other sectors before programming operation is completed
— Erase Suspend & Resume: read/program other sectors before an erase operation is completed
— Data# polling & toggle bits provide status
— CFI (Common Flash Interface) compliant: allows host system to identify and accommodate multiple flash devices
— Unlock Bypass Program command reduces overall multiple-word programming time
■ Hardware features
— Sector Group Protection: hardware-level method of preventing write operations within a sector group
— Temporary Sector Unprotect: VID-level method of charging code in locked sectors
— WP#/ACC input accelerates programming time (when high voltage is applied) for greater throughput during system production. Protects first or last sector regardless of sector protection settings on uniform sector models
— Hardware reset input (RESET#) resets device
— Ready/Busy# output (RY/BY#) detects program or erase cycle completion


Attribute Attribute Value
Manufacturer: SPANSION
Product Category: Memory Chips

Search Part Number:S29GL Included word is 15

Part Number Mfr. Package Qty Description Details
Part Number:S29GL032M10TFIR3 Mfr:SPANION Package:TSOP48 Qty:1200 Description:
Part Number:S29GL256N90TFIR020 Mfr:SPANSION Package:TSOP56 Qty:1200 Description:
Part Number:S29GL032A90TFI040 Mfr:SPANSION Package:TSOP48 Qty:1200 Description:
Part Number:S29GL032M10TAIR4 Mfr:SPANSION Package:TSOP48 Qty:1200 Description:
Part Number:S29GL016M10TFI02 Mfr:SPANSION Package:TSOP48 Qty:1200 Description:
Part Number:S29GL064N90BFI040 Mfr:SPANSION Package:BGA Qty:1200 Description:
Part Number:S29GL064A90TFIR9 Mfr:SPANSION Package:TSSOP Qty:15360 Description:
Part Number:S29GL256P10TFIV10 Mfr:SPANSION Package:TSOP Qty:1200 Description:
Part Number:S29GL256P11TFIV10 Mfr:SPANSION Package:TSOP Qty:1200 Description:
Part Number:S29GL064M90TCIR2 Mfr: Package: Qty:1200 Description:
Part Number:S29GL512P10TFIR20 Mfr:SPANSION Package:TSOP Qty:3256 Description:
Part Number:S29GL032N90TFI030 Mfr:SPANSION Package:TSOP Qty:2171 Description:
Part Number:S29GL256P90TFIR2 Mfr:SPANSION Package:QFP Qty:1400 Description:
Part Number:S29GL128P11TFI02 Mfr:SPANSION Package:TSOP56 Qty:1184 Description:
Part Number:S29GL064M90TFIR2 Mfr:SPANSION Package:TSOP56 Qty:1400 Description:

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