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In addition to magnetic element design, feedback network design is also the least known and very troublesome work of switching power supply. It involves analog electronic technology, control theory, measurement and computing technology and other related issues.CatalogIntroductionSwitching Power Supp ...
Warm hints: this article reading time is about 15 minutes.SummaryThis article is mainly to talk about the latest development of electric vehicle power management technology. Electric vehicle systems consist of electric motors, power converters, and energy storage devices such as lithium-ion batterie ...
Warm hints: The word in this article is about 2500 and  reading time is about 12 minutes.SummaryIn the power system, in addition to the traditional harmonic sources, such as electric arc furnace and frequency converter, the nonlinear loads such as new energy access and charging pile may produce ...
Warm hints: The word in this article is about 1000 and the  reading time is about 6 minutes.SummaryResearcher form MIT discovered a way to increase that efficiency threefold, using "topological" materials, which have unique electronic properties. While past work has suggested that top ...
SummaryThere is an article named "Working principle and Development of Solar Cell" in the Kynix Semiconductor Electronic Blog, it detailed shows that the development of new energy sources mainly concentrates on renewable energies such as solar energy,hydrogen energy, wind energy and geothe ...
SummaryAs is listed in the market,there is a little of small,inexpensive switch for latching power to a load unless you buy low-current,momentary action pushbotton switches like PCB-mount‘tactile types'. However, we can get a suitable latching power switch passing by converting a pushbutton' ...
CatalogsI.SummaryA. +/- Step-down output: circuit operation1II.Buck ConvcerterB. +/+ step-down output2III.Three DC/DC Converter Topologies2. Inverting buck-boost (step-up and step-down) topology41.Isolated buck topology3. Isolated buck-boost topology: +/- output5I.SummaryAs we all known,power supply ...
SummarySeveral days ago, I was facing a challenge in my lab is--what is the perfect way to power breadboard projects?Situation and SolutionActually,I used breadboards to prototype almost all of my designs and I have always had less than ideal setups.Between my bench power supply, which has bana ...
SummaryHappy new year! The year of 2017 has become a past tense,whatever you experienced in the last year,let's celebrate the 2018's coming together ! Today I would like to show you a power projects about the high power voltage current  bridge driver using IR2153&IGBT.Project P ...
SummaryAccording to recent market research by Grand View Research,the global power electronics market will be valued at $39.2bn by 2025.To ensure electrical products and infrastructure are capable of supporting this 40% growth, REO UK is calling on laboratories and testing facilities to invest in st ...
SummaryIncreasing demand for energy and power encourages companies operating in energy and power industry to adopt solutions that can help them enhance production output with minimum errors and reduced down-time on a global scale. The products are offered specifically for the energy sector to enhanc ...
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