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IntroductionWhat is an operational amplifier?This episode of Electronic Basics will explain the three golden rules when working with OpAmps and how to use them in order to understand and build all kind of OpAmp circuits. The main focus will be the noninverting and inverting amplifier and the compara ...
PrincipleWhen an operational amplifier is used, its output is connected to its inverTIng input node to form a negative feedback configuration—negaTIve. The reason is that the voltage gain of the operational amplifier is very large, ranging from hundreds to tens of thousands of times, the use of nega ...
OpAmps Tutorial - What is an Operational Amplifier?IntroductionThe LM358 includes two independent, high gain, internal-frequency compensated dual operational amplifiers that are suitable for single power sources with a wide range of voltages, as well as dual-power operation modes. Under recommended  ...
Warm hints: The word in this article is about 3000 words and  reading time is about 15 minutes.SummaryA high-output-power balanced power amplifier is designed with power-combining architecture for satellite communication terminals. The power-combining architecture introduces a ±45° phase shift  ...
SummaryAs we all know,originally developed to support analogue computers,the op amp has an elegantly simple core design. The industries are contining to spare no effect in creating‘ideal op-amp'.Simply by wiring in different feedback configurations using passives,op amp can be massaged into role ...
Not all stereo amplifiers are created equal, so investing in the right product will ensure you can hear every nuance in every song you play on your sound system. In addition to getting expert advice from reputable sources like Speakerxperts reviews on stereo amplifiers, continue reading to learn a b ...
The LTC2185 is a 125Msps 16-bit ADC with excellent noise and linearity performance while only consuming 185mW per channel. It is ideal for demanding low power applications that require excellent AC performance. A high performance ADC like the LTC2185 requires a high performance amplifier driving it  ...
Researchers at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, have demonstrated an integrated amplifier with the lowest noise performance so far. The amplifier offers new possibilities for detecting the faintest electromagnetic radiation, for example from distant galaxies.Last year, Chalmers reported a  ...
Fujitsu today announced the development of a gallium-nitride (GaN) high-electron mobility transistor (HEMT) power amplifier for use in W-band (75-110 GHz) transmissions.This can be used in a high-capacity wireless network with coverage over a radius of several kilometers. In areas where fiber-optic  ...
LM4910LQ belonging to the Boomer series of National Semiconductors is an integrated stereo amplifier primarily intended for stereo headphone applications. The IC can be operated from 3.3V ans its can deliver 0.35mW output power into a 32 ohm load. The LM4910LQ has very low distortion ( less than 1%) ...
A new highly efficient power amplifier for electronics could help make possible next-generation cell phones, low-cost collision-avoidance radar for cars and lightweight microsatellites for communications.Fifth-generation, or 5G, mobile devices expected around 2019 will require improved power amplifi ...
MUNICH—The next generation of mobile radio networks, called AA, will offer the platform for innovative applications requiring extreme short latency times and / or high data rates up to 10 Gbps. Fraunhofer IAF (Freiburg, Germany) has developed one of the building blocks required to roll out AA networ ...
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